Nourishia is a nutritional diet consultancy. At Nourishia, we realize each individual is different, with varied health and nutrition needs. In the surfeit of diet fads and fears, search engines and self-help books, touting a new eating plan/diet trend, her voice rings loud and clear, thus, un-complicating the act of eating. In her view real nutrition is individual. There is no one diet or lifestyle that is appropriate for 100% of the population. Our motto: “Life is stressful; your diet shouldn’t have to be!” We will work with you achieve your healthiest self.
We specialize in: Healing with whole foods and real ingredients, debunking fad diets, teaching you to love healthy cooking and eating, making simple changes that go a really long way and most importantly, helping you find the best nutrition plan that works for your life and your body.

If you would like to break free from the food prison, and feel more confident about your eating, you are in the right place!

When you work with us, you will discover new ways of thinking about food and move closer to your own personal wellness vision. We have helped/guided clients / patients to get off the diet roller coaster, have helped people become intuitive eaters so they can stop obsessing about weights, numeric, food and start eating in a way… rather, start enjoying eating again in a way that feels  good and satisfying for their body and mind. Your body is irreplaceable and only you can feed, respect and nourish it.

Build the right relationship with food, reach your goal weight and fight diseases with Prachi Bohora at NOURISHIA. Nourish your body through the plate and not through a pill.

Eat. Live. Love. Nourish

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