Meet Prachi Bohora, The Dietitian

Prachi Bohora is an India based registered dietitian offering nutrition counseling and consulting services to individuals, families and businesses. She is a founder and managing director of Nourishia, a (HOPE) UK Certified Diabetes Educator, Nutrigenomic expert and a UGC-NET qualified lecturer.

A nutrition advocate and food lover, she is also a practicing clinical dietitian, writer, speaker and consultant, amongst others.

Her diet consulting proficiency spans most nutrition sub-specialties like pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric.

Passionate about nutrition and a strong believer in the power of foods, she can help you lead a healthy lifestyle and improve your quality of life with her experience of integrative and holistic nutrition. Her goal is to help each of her clients find a healthy and happy relationship with food and exercise.

Her approach to nutrition is evidence based backed by research and clinical experience. Food does not have to be a huge source of stress in your life. And you don’t have to give up your favourites to be healthy.  She translates current scientific evidence into practical lifestyle advice and educates and motivates clients of all ages to reach their health and fitness goals.  Her areas of expertise include childhood and adult obesity, diabetes, medical nutrition therapy and corporate nutrition. She is a results-oriented dietary professional with exceptional counseling skills, proven ability to carry out nutritional assessments and developing and executing beneficial dietary plans; Competent in evaluation and modification of diets based on patient’s condition and medical history.

Her consultations include the assessment, intervention and treatment of chronic illness or disease using nutrition. Prachi will guide you in preventing, controlling or reversing your medical condition in a natural way. She takes an integrative approach to nutrition by combining cutting-edge medical nutrition therapies along with traditional, time-proven natural methods. During a consultation, she investigates many aspects of a person’s lifestyle in addition to diet, including sleep patterns, daily schedule, eating pattern, profession/job, medications/supplements, medical records & physical activity.


Prachi has an excellent academic record, with five plus years of academic exposure to the subject via formal, full-time, Bachelors and Masters Degrees. She has qualified RD exam held by Indian Dietetic Association with distinction in the first attempt. She is a gold medallist in her bachelors and masters.

  • Qualified RD (Registered Dietitian) exam
  •  M.Sc. – Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, ISHS, University of Pune, Pune
  •  B.Sc. – Food Science and Nutrition, SNDT University, Mumbai
  •  Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes Education, (HOPE), Certified and recognized by
    the International Diabetes Federation, UK
  •  Qualified UGC-NET (National Eligibility Test) examination for LS/AP (Lectureship
    /Assistant Professor)
  •  Certified Nutri-genomic expert (Gene Support), Pune

Professional background

RD Prachi Bohora has seven plus years of experience, spanning across academics,
nutrition research and diet consulting.

  • She has worked as a chief dietitian and consultant dietitian in varied reputed
    multispecialty hospitals.
  •  She is a regular invitee for guest lectures and expert sessions in colleges and
  •  She has worked as an official industrial nutrition advisor for Mahindra and Mahindra
  •  As a trusted source of credible and practical nutrition information, Prachi contributes
    to local news media through publication of nutrition articles, researches and surveys.
  •  She is a member of several prestigious organization 
  1.  Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) Mumbai Chapter
  2. Nutrition Society of India (NSI) Hyderabad chapter
  3. Indian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ISPEN) Pune chapter


Prachi has trained in clinical settings of reputed hospitals like –

  •  KEM Hospital, Mumbai
  •  Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital, Pune
  •  Wockhardt Hospital, Nashik

Nutrition Research/Publications

  •  Poster presentation on “Lifestyle factors and blood pressure measurements in school
    going children (6-12 years)”, 2011
  • Case report – “MODY being treated as IDDM for more than a decade” – Journal of
    Maharashtra Association of Physicians, Vol-1, Issue 4; July 2015
  •  Impact of lemon, cucumber and mint leaves infused water on obesity parameters:
    Controlled, cross-sectional, open-labeled study. JMAP, Vol-3, Issue 1; Oct 2016
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