Weight loss

Frustrated with going on diet after diet? Gaining all the weight back each time. Falling off of the wagon? Restrictive dieting, followed by binge eating? Giving in easily to any cravings?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Having weight go up and down, up and down, and well…. more up than down. Fad diets and restrictive dieting aren’t the answer. 

EUREKA!!!! A method of transforming lifestyle to reverse the negative effects of dieting and to gain real control of weight is here. Not some ‘quick fix’ but a step-by- step process for creating the skills and habits that will make Weight Loss EASIER AND LASTING.  Stop spinning your wheels with unsuccessful weight loss attempts. Get accountability and a 100% customized diet plan by an RD for – 

  •  Overweight/Obesity
  •  Bariatric Surgery
  •  Eating Disorders

At Nourishia, tailored to meet your specific needs we take into account your current weight, dietary preferences, exercise regime and weight loss goals that reduce temptation helping you achieve desired results.

Weight Gain

Weight gain nowadays is a very common problem amongst the youth because of the stress. It is essential to ensure that a diet plan devised by an RD (Qualified Registered Dietitian) is followed so that it’s a healthy gain and not simply fat gain. The extra calories must not be consumed by eating junk and unhealthy food. If you’re a skinny guy/gal who can’t seem to gain weight no matter how many hours you spend in the gym, and how much food you eat… And you’re TIRED of wasting your money on not-so-right supplements and you want a straightforward solution to gain weight… Then join Nourishia for easy, healthy & reasonable weight gain program for shape up.

Weight Maintenance

Research has shown that combining a variety of weight loss and management techniques increases a person’s chance of long-term success in weight management.

At Nourishia, the goal is to help you adapt to and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We offer customized diet weight management plans including behaviour modification, exercise and lifestyle changes.

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