Pre pregnancy nutrition

If you are planning on starting a family in the near future then it may be time to start considering making some changes to your nutrition and lifestyle. Good preconception nutrition is tied to fertility health in both women and men. “Nutrition in the womb” encompasses not only maternal health history and nutrition but also paternal nutrition and the health of sperm before conception. Preconception health is about both parents. You gift your genes, and have the great opportunity to gift them your well-being and health.

At Nourishia, let’s talk about the steps that you can make to improve your reproductive health and prepare your body for conception.

Pregnancy nutrition

If a little one is on the way, Congratulations!! It’s important to look after your own health and well-being for a healthy pregnancy. Conflicting and mixed messages from the media, family members and friends can often mean that pregnant women are left feeling confused about what they should be eating during pregnancy. Your body goes through a great deal of hormonal, physiological, and physical changes during pregnancy. It’s essential to meet the ever-changing nutrient needs throughout pregnancy.

Good nutrition is an unequivocal determinant of a healthy pregnancy and baby. Having a good, well rounded and healthy diet has been linked to an increased chance of healthy birth weight, increased brain development and a reduction of some birth defects. In addition, the positive aspects of a healthy diet also cross over to the mother having been linked to a reduction in fatigue, pre-eclampsia, mood swings, constipation and post-natal recovery.

At Nourishia, we understand that cravings, time constraints, aversions and confusion over what is safe to eat can get in the way of your best intentions. Our pregnancy package will provide your bundle of joy with the essential nutrients needed for growth and development and ensure that you have the energy to feel energised and comfortable. You will get trimester wise detailed, scientific, physiological need based meal plans that help you sail through this phase of deliberate weight gain.

Post pregnancy nutrition

Losing those pregnancy pounds might be at the front of your mind. But there’s something that’seven more important for your body after your baby arrives: eating foods that give you the energy to be the best mom you can be.

Postpartum period a mother needs plenty of rest, good nutrition, and help in order to rebuild the strength while progressing through many changes, both emotionally and physically. If you are breast feeding, you will need a healthy post pregnancy diet that will help you to recover quickly from your baby’s birth. The right nutritious diets that help mothers lose those extra pounds gained during pregnancy. When you aren’t getting the needed nutrients from your diet, your body will provide them from your own stores. So make sure you get all the nutrients you and your baby need. It will benefit both of you.

At Nourishia, we help you adjust to mommy-hood by providing diet plans consisting of a balanced diet for mothers with normal delivery or Cesarean to provide the required nutrients to nurse well and still slowly and steadily lose pounds gained during pregnancy.

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