Dietary choices can help improve health during this life stage and address some of the nutritional concerns that many older adults face. In addition, there are specific concerns related to nutrition that affect adults in their later years. They include medical problems, such as disability and disease, which can impact diet and activity level. For example, dental problems can lead to difficulties with chewing and swallowing, which in turn can make it hard to maintain a healthy diet. The use of dentures or the preparation of pureed or chopped foods can help solve this problem. There also is a decreased thirst response in the elderly, and the kidneys have a decreased ability to concentrate urine, both of which can lead to dehydration. Although it is known that energy needs decrease with aging. Identifying the unique nutritional differences among the various stages of aging is even more important.

At Nourishia, in aging adults, nutrition care involves disease engagement / medical nutrition therapy as well as healthy lifestyles and disease prevention. We guide you how to eat healthier, exercise safely, and stay motivated.

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