Was looking for a properly qualified dietitian for my diet consultation; a colleague of
mine suggested RD Prachi Bohora. Her qualification was very impressive like the
results of her diet plans but still initially was reluctant to approach her because of less experience. But after my first consultation with her I realised myself being completely wrong and judging on the basis of experience alone. She was so thorough with the basics, updated on every front, great communication skills. Her specialist knowledge of diabetes really helped me to a great deal to manage my blood sugar levels, avoid the frequent high-lows and most importantly reduction in my meds. Her diet is very practical and effective. Another point of importance is she charges nominal for the wonderful advises inspite of being so highly qualified.
I would surely recommend her. Always!! Thank you!

Aditya Deshpande. 18.5.2015

You are a gem RD Prachi ! Honestly, with your diet plan it feels like I have started
something that I should have started years earlier. Also I have lost 6kgs of fat. My meds for high blood pressure are stopped. Thanks to you! God bless you.

Mr Pednekar. 20.5.2014

I am a 25 year old suffering from Type 1 Diabetes. My HbA1c was real high with higher doses of insulin injections daily. Erratic lifestyle, no time for exercise, multiple excuses for poor health at such a young age. That’s when my doctor advised me to get a diet consultation. I thank the internet and my brother for suggesting Prachi. It’s been more than 3.5 years and there have hardly been episodes of high/low blood sugar. I can easily manage my blood sugars, my weight is in check, I have become more active, my energy levels have improved in spite of a hectic stressful life, my insulin doses have been tapered with the help of Prachi. I am still in contact with her for my consultations. She is an amazing person, has outstanding knowledge of diabetes (being a specialist in Diabetes management), her diet can cause miraculous changes in your blood reports. I have experienced and so can you guys and gals.  I will highly recommend Prachi.

Vihaan Shah. 20.11.2012

She is the best dietitian. I had the PCOD problem and at the same time had to conceive too. She helped me in going through happy and healthy pregnancy. I received very good change because of her diet plan. Her diet advice was quite effective. She never told me to starve and prepared diet plans according to me. I am a root canal specialist so I am aware of the importance of taking diet advice from a qualified Dietitian. She is a great person. My overall experience with her was very good. She is in Delhi now. It’s been 3 years and I can call her for any consultation. I got to know about her through my friend. I got the healthy lifestyle. I was very satisfied with her.

Dr Naisha Gujral. 26.12.2015

I am a 30 year old, tackling PCOD. I had issues of Weight gain, infertility, hirsutism,
acne – everything a female would hate. It’s almost a year I am following her dietary
consultation. After meeting Prachi, my issues are tamed down; my weight has come
down in a healthy gradual way; and most importantly I conceived because of weight loss diet by Prachi. She is brilliant in her field, very practical diets, no fussy foods, no foreign foods. Tailor-made diets as per your eating habits.  Can’t be more grateful to you dear!

Dr Mrunmayi Pathak. 19.10.2013

I am a 52 year old man who was treated this past month for major Heart attack. I suffer from diabetes too. When I was looking for a registered dietitian, Prachi ma’am was my first choice for many reasons. Ma’am paid great attention to details. She was particular about procedures being done properly and thoroughly. With our dietetic sessions as I got to know Prachi ma’am, I began to realise the depth of her knowledge about nutrition, diet, exercise, and disease prevention to name a few, was superior. She has a strong desire to find different ways to help patients, be healthier and to solve difficult health problems. I am impressed with her drive to find holistic, healthy ways to help our bodies heal and to prevent further problems. A great many people would be thankful in years to come for what she can contribute to health care.

Mr Arvind Kulkarni. 12.2.2017

Prachi applies a studied approach with correct mix of food for perfect intake. I had gained a lot of weight and badly needed to reduce. I happened to meet Prachi and she was very supportive. She did not ask me to make any abrupt changes to my present routine but followed a step by step approach. This not only helped me reach my target but also helped me turn fit and work throughout the day with great energy. Her suggestions of eating small portions and eating periodically too worked wonders. Surely recommend her help! Would be worth your time, money and help you lead a healthier

Rahul B. 5.6.2016

Prachi is a fantastic dietician. She is very keen in knowing all the history and your food habits and always gives positive feedback. She has also given me lots of recipe ideas so, I don’t get bored with my meals. She helped me turn fit and maintain great energy throughout the day. I am very grateful to Prachi for her honest guidance. Her ability to connect with my personal needs was truly appreciated.

Kalyani Dange. 10.3.2013

With so many fad diets, restrictive diets and mixed messages out there, it is great to have someone like RD Prachi ma’am. She is extremely knowledgeable. It is great to be able to talk to someone about your goals, and get a customized health and nutrition program that suits your lifestyle and makes those goals achievable! Her dedication to her clients is amazing. She understood my lifestyle, my likes and dislikes, and my goals, and customised a program that worked so well do me. She set me up for success with her ongoing support, positivity, and commitment. I was in deep trouble because of being obese, diabetic, abnormal liver and thyroid functions, high cholesterol, osteopenia and nutritional deficiencies. With your expertise and help, have lost more than 7kgs. My HbA1c (sugar parameter), my cholesterol is absolutely normal, liver is fine, thyroid medicines are reduced. I really feel like I’m on the right track and just thought others should know how wonderful you and your programs are.I have gotten truly expert advice from you as well as quick response to all my questions. With RD Prachi on your side, all of your health and wellness goals are well within reach! I reached mine. Thank you!!!

Rushikesha Baspa. 20.10.2017

I had really tough pregnancy with many issues but Prachi met me like saviour at my fifth month. My babies weight wasn’t gaining enough , I had cervical stitches in 4 month and my blood report was showing gestional diabetes . I thought how I will be able to put on my weight with Zero sugar diet and how I will control my sugar with no exercise but Prachi made it so easy for me. I started putting on weight since first week after following her diet and I was glad she never let me go on insulin injection throughout my pregnancy. And best part she suggested me such wonderful recipes keeping in mind my pregnancy food cravings. She guided me each and every day. She handled my all queries and doubts so well. Even my gynaecologist was happy with my results. Because it was only my diet plan which maintain my sugar level with weight gain. M very thankful to Prachi.

Nikita Ahire. 8.2.2013

I have battled with obesity for as long as I can remember and had reached a total of 81 kgs. I was struggling to get fit and was getting quiet lethargic. Finally consulted
Dietitian Prachi Ma’am. She helped me to down those fats and with her constant efforts I have chopped down my weight to 67 kgs. I continue to lose more! Thanks doc. My weight loss journey has been amazing. Not many restrictions, no crash dieting, no boiled  food; but good hearty meals,in the right way. Thank you! Still continuing your advice and to be honest it feels great.

Siddhant Ostwal. 17.7.2017

I have been taking consultancy from Prachi for last 4 yrs for eveything related to diet for myself and my family including kids. She has always provided valuable guidance for picking the right food in the right quantity. I am happy with kind of food my family eats and the balance among different types of food – it may be as simple as having dry fruits in the morning / 2 glasses of milk in a day to the food that should be restricted based on health condition. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional advice on diet and is committed to implement the suggestions. P. S. One thing I learnt from my experience is our regular doctors are not dieticians and hence I would always rely on a professional dietician if I am serious about having correct food habits. 🙂

Nitin Kothari. 19.5.2014

Prachi unlike other dieticians is a very supportive and approachable person. She listens to each and every detail of your routine and then suggest changes as per individual’s specific needs. I got to know her through a common friend for the purpose of weight gain. It worked like anything. I gained weight in a remarkable manner. I was 25 and weighed only 45 kgs. After implementing her suggestions, my weight raised to 52 which is ideal for my height. She follows a step by step approach instead of complete change in diet at once. This helps in getting comfortable with new diet plan in an easy way. Even after her course duration is over she keeps in touch to check whether I am still following her plan to maintain a healthy body and calm mind. Highly recommend her

Komal Agarwal. 9.11.2011

This is the perfect destination for all the diet related issues…diet plan made by Prachi Bohora helped my mother in law a lot post her bypass heart surgery.

Komal Bhansali.

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